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Lake Ozark REI Home Check-Up Program

Home Check-Up Inspections

Lake Ozark REI Home Check-Up Inspections are

designed for the responsible homeowner who wants to

make sure one of their largest investments, their

home, is in optimum condition.

Most people occasionally take their car to the

for a tune-up, but homeowners rarely think of the

need to have their homes checked out for possible

developing roof, framing, water or foundation issues. 

This small step can catch problems early and save you,

the homeowner, potentially thousands of dollars in

repair costs.

Just like our Residential Home Inspection, one of

our Certified Home Inspectors will complete a thorough

walk-through inspection of your property, noting any

defects or deficiencies that you would want to address so

that they do not become larger problems down the road. 

You also receive a completed inspection report along

with a Home Maintenence Manual  that will allow you

to monitor the condition of your home.
Home Check-Up Program

Lake Ozark REI also offers a Home Check-Up

  For a one-time $75 dollar fee you are

enrolled in the Home Check-Up Program which allows

you to purchase up to 5 home inspections over a 5 year

period at a set, reduced price.

This gives you, the homeowner, the ability to stay up to

speed on the condition of your home and to be aware

of any potential problems that may arise.  The

Check-Up Program
gives you the flexibility to choose

when or if you want the home inspection.  Over the

course of the 5 year plan you can purchase all 5 of your

inspections or you don't have to purchase any.  The

choice is yours.  But if you need them they are there, AT

the reduced price just for joining our program.

As an added bonus, if you move during the 5

year program your plan goes with you which allows you

to use your inspection(s) at your new home.

Give Lake Ozark REI a call today and let us show you

all the benefits of becoming a Home Check-Up Program

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