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New Construction

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Lake Ozark REI Construction Inspections

New Construction Home Inspections

More and more lake area homebuyers are

concerned about the quality
of their new home

construction. This creates a demand for construction

consultants.  Consultants help insure that each home

meets local building standards and that the home is of

acceptable standards to their client.  Their attentiveness

during the construction process can also assist the

builder in identifying and correcting issues 'real time';

thus preventing post-occupancy problems and repairs

for the homeowner.

As a qualified home inspection company, Lake

Ozark REI's home inspectors can fill this need for you. 

We will be your eyes and ears during the entire

construction of your home.

We offer several New Construction Home

Inspection packages
 from the minimal 
'Single Stage' 

inspection, normally done after the foundation and

framing work is complete to the more popular

Inspection.  These inspections are done

in four stages.

1. Foundation/Grounds, Pre-block Construction.
2. Rough framing, electrical, plumbing and HVAC.
3. Building wrap prior to siding or stucco.
4. Final Inspection, including the roofing system.

This is the most thorough New Construction Inspection

we offer and gives you the peace of mind knowing your

new home was built RIGHT!

Experience Matters

At Lake Ozark REI our home inspectors have over

20 years experience in the construction industry. 

Working with major construction companies such as

Walsh Construction and Parsons Construction on U.S.

Military housing projects around the country AND in

coordination with the U.S. Corps of Engineers we've

gained the valuable knowledge that it takes to make sure

that when a home is built it's built right.

Put Lake Ozark REI to work for you.  If you are

planning on building a new home give us a call today for

a free estimate and let us help make your New Home

Dream a reality.

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