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Cell:     573 529-4983
Lake Ozark REI Pre-Listing Program

Lake Ozark REI's Pre-Listing Program is designed as an
additional tool for the seller and/or real estate company to take

advantage of.

It's purpose is to allow the seller
to obtain a home

inspection for their property before the home is listed or during

the selling process.  This enables the seller to see any potential

problems or issues that the home may have and allows them to

remedy any of the problems that could slow down the home

selling process.

In studies done by the Real Estate Industry, 10% of all

real estate transactions fall through because of contingencies

during the selling process, 75% of the time it's because of the

Home Inspection.  It could be that a Major Deficiency(s) or

Safety Hazard(s) were found during the inspection
or simply

a series of small items that could have been easily remedied. 

Either way it gives the seller the opportunity to correct any

issues which may impede the sale of their home. 

Don't lose
a potential buyer by not being as prepared as

possible when it's time to close the deal on your home.
Peace of Mind

With Lake Ozark REI's Pre-Listing Program we

give the seller, agent and most importantly the

potential buyer peace of mind knowing that one of the

largest investments they are ever going to make has

already been inspected and approved by a Certified,

Licensed Lake Ozark REI home inspector.  You will

also have your copy of the completed home inspection

report to share with the potential buyer if you choose. 

This allows them to see everything that was found

during the inspection, not just the bad, but the good as


Additionally Lake Ozark REI offers a

 to the potential buyer at a discounted rate. 

If they decide to go with a Review Inspection then they

could schedule an appointment with us and the

original inspector would come out and do a complete

walk-through inspection with the buyer using the

original inspection so any questions or concerns they

have can be addressed by the home inspector.

Take the guesswork out of selling your home and give Lake Ozark REI a call today!
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