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I've bought and sold several houses in my life, but I've never had such a thorough inspection.  The Lake ozark REI Inspector inspected the home like it was his own house and was never in a rush.  He took the time to explain the importance of things that I never thought about.  He also gave me tips on maintenence and upkeep of the home to limit my long term expenses going forward.  It was the most important pre-purchase expertise I could have found. 

Kevin W.
St. Louis, MO

Lake Ozark Real Estate Inspections are World Class.  They showed up on time and prepared with the tools to do a thorough inspection.  The inspections were not rushed which was fantastic because it gave me a chance to really get to know the house that I was buying.  This is the only company that I would call for a Home Inspection.  Thanks again Lake Ozark Real Estate Inspection.

Bryan D.
Kansas City, MO

Thank you!
My dad said to let you know he was very impressed with your knowledge... he talks to a lot of inspectors and he said you really knew what you were doing!  Thanks again for your help today.  It was nice to meet you!

Angie B.
Columbia, MO
I've bought around eight homes that I've had inspections on before purchasing, here in Iowa as well as Missouri.  Lake Ozark REI exceeded all of my expectations.  They were professional, courteous and thorough.  The best inspection that I've ever had for my money.  I would recommend them to ANYONE that is in the process of buying a home.

Bill N.
Ottumwa, IA

Jeff Foster was very accommodating to meet us after normal business hours. He was great at explaining any problems he found with the condo we are purchasing and he had a report back to us and our Realtor within hours. Can't imagine locating a better inspector!

Sharon N.
Columbia, MO

Living on the east coast and buying a home on the Lake of the Ozarks has presented its challenges.  With limited time at the lake, we were thankful for a Realtors high recommendation that we use Jeff Foster of Lake Ozark Real Estate Inspection for our home inspection.  He was highly responsive to our calls and emails and if not available immediately, returned our calls quickly.  His thorough inspection of the first property we looked at may have saved us from what could have become a money pit, so when we found a second property, we engaged Jeff's services again.  He has been beyond flexible with his availability, is a strong resource with substantial knowledge about the area and he provided a very comprehensive inspection report within a couple hours of the inspection.  We greatly appreciate all Jeff has done for us and strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspector in the Lake of the Ozarks region.

David K. & Sharon C.
Arlington, VA

I can't tell you how impressed I was with your inspection.  Thanks for letting me tag along to take notes.  I thought it was very beneficial to actually see how everything checked out.  I will personally recommend you to anyone I come across that needs a home or commercial inspection.

Clayton D.
Osage Beach, MO

Thank you for the thorough job and reports today.  I have reviewed the emails and really appreciated the pictures and suggestions.  We feel much better about our new home after listening  to and reading the information you provided.

Joni H.
Osage Beach, MO

Jeff was very knowledgeable about everything.  He explained all aspects to us about the inspection and offered great input.  Thanks!

Marian S. & Pat W.
Kansas City, MO

Jeff was very knowledgeable about all things related to a lake home.  He also gave us a lot of advice on home maintenance which was very helpful!

Kara S.
St. Louis, MO
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